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Ogilvy’s farm friends agree: nothing better than being you!

Ogilvy wants your children to know: 

There’s nothing better than being themselves.

Whether you’re a mom, dad, aunt, uncle, grandparent, or simply someone who loves a child in their life, it can be hard watching them navigate friendships, schools and life.

Especially in a world where “the other kids” all seem to have the newest smart phone, coolest clothes, or a different kind of family than yours, the message can be hard to ignore:

Fit in, or be left out.

Ogilvy and his friends help answer the question of “is it ok to be me?” in the form of an adventure that is whimsical, funny, and just a wee bit scary.  Ogilvy’s book is a pig-tale was designed to help children realize:

Theres’s nothing better than being you.  So be the best you can be.

As you read this book to your children, or the little ones in your life,  you can help them see how their own unique gifts make them special.  Although “Ogilvy, the Pig Who Whistled” is a reader written for children ages 4-8, its message of the value of being yourself is a timeless one.

This children’s book will also help your children see that being themselves also helps them have good friendships.  The books shares gentle insight about friendship, forgiveness, and loving one another when someone is a little less than perfect.

You can be a little less than perfect, still be a great person…and friend!

Childrens book, farm animals, pigs

Ogilvy gets a helping wing from his feathered friends.

So, Ogilvy and friends hope you enjoy this special story for kids, and that you build some wonderful memories around Ogilvy the Pig, and his farmyard friends:    Merribelle the Sparrow, Ol’ Red the Robin, Slybeaks the Crow and others. We’ll be sharing more of the adventures of Ogilvy and his friends in future books; all with a focus on helping children understand “there’s nothing better than being themselves.”

Or, as Ogilvy, the Pig Who Whistled, would say:


Available April 2013 through Amazon Books, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

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