Community Director

Jan Williams, Community Director for Ogilvy the Pig

Jan Williams, Community Director

Farm animals who are the hero of children’s books need someone special to help them speak outside of the pages of their story.  So we are lucky indeed to have Jan Williams, our social media and community director, lend her hand.

Jan brings over 20 years of marketing and writing experience to Ogilvy’s farm, and is sharing her skill, talent, creativity – and opposable thumbs with our barnyard hero. She believes in Ogilvy the Pig’s mission to helping us all understand there is nothing better than being ourselves, so she has volunteered to oversee ‘Heard Round the Farm,” Ogilvy’s blog, plus the social media communications.

Her background includes event coordination, advertising, copywriting, creative program design and communications.  We are lucky to have her here on the farm!

Ogilvy the Pig has asked Jan to share her thoughts on volunteering here on the barnyard:

Hi y’all!  I’m Jan, the voice and writer for my pig pal, Ogilvy.  I’m just a farm chick at heart, so hanging out with Ogilvy, his bird buddies and Farmer Bob, is a natural for me.  I don’t personally have a pig at my place but I do have four horses and two dogs in the country, and I’m pretty sure Ogilvy would approve.  We all have a lot to learn from this plucky pig, including me!

Having confidence in yourself and being happy with whom you are, are HUGE personal traits to accomplish.  I am starting a new adventure of my own in life (working on my own!) and I need all the confidence right now that I can find.  So follow along with us on our journey of self discovery, acceptance and learning to laugh at ourselves and we’ll all achieve our goals together.

Cheers to Ogilvy!