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Pam_2What happens when you have five beautiful, smart, talented and generally wonderful nieces?  Nieces whom you want to grow up, never doubting for a second how unique, wonderful and magical they are.

Well, they are grown up now, and, thanks to their parents, they are well on their way to fully dazzling the world as adults.  But when they were younger, I thought of a story for them:  how a cheerful little pig named Ogilvy, the happiest porker on the farm, started thinking he wanted to be more like the other animal, and less like himself; and all the kersnaffles that caused until he realized being himself was the best thing he could be!

I wanted Ogilvy to help children everywhere (and children at heart; isn’t that all of us?) feel good about just how one-of-a-kind they are.  So the story of “Ogilvy, the Pig who Whistled,” was put to paper.

Today, I am sharing this children’s story book in the hopes children big and small, especially my nieces, really understand there is nothing better than being yourself.

About the Author:

Pam grew up in Southern California, and now calls Portland, Oregon her home, where she works in word craft as the vice president of a public relations agency.  She has over twenty years experience writing for herself and others, although she is reasonably sure this is the first time she’s ghost-written for a pig.

Her education includes a Bachelor of Arts, Communications, California State University, Fullerton, advanced certification in digital media and marketing from University of San Francisco, and other industry training.

When not story-telling, Pam is travelling, running, and wondering if you’re going to eat those last french fries on your plate.

Available April 2013 through Amazon Books, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

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