Thank You For Being A Friend

Friends:  There for you through thick (shakes) and thin!

Friends: There for you through thick (shakes) and thin

Whether we’re talking about today’s recess at school, the books about friendship we grew up with, a certain apparently timeless TV sitcom from the ‘90’s or an even older song guaranteed to attach itself to commercials and stick in your brain, there’s one thing we all agree on:

We like, even love our friends.

But let’s take it a step further. How about being grateful? Not just for the fun times and laughter, but for a friend’s solid shoulder when things are tough. Even – gulp¬ – the tough love when you a friend tells you something you should know. Even when you don’t want to hear it.

In our book, Ogilvy, the Pig Who Whistles (to be released September 1st!) our lead character gets plenty of tough love from his friends as his ‘wanna be’ gets in the way of who he is. Another character, aptly named ‘Slybeaks’ ends up doing the right thing thanks to a well-timed, gentle shaming from a good friend.

The New York Times wrote about studies linking friendship with longer life spans, better brain health and, well, gaining weight if your friends gain weight (eating French fries in solidarity? Yep!)

So, as busy as we are with raising children, working, reading, and our day to day lives, let’s not forget to take a second to thank our friends for being who they are; even as they prod our conscious and soothe our soul.

…Who would YOU say is a wonderful friend, and why?

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