Geeky Girls

Growing up in Southern California, Dana was my neighbor, class mate and best friend. We did the typical goofy young girl things together and my memories of our antics still make me smile. We’d ride our bikes to and from elementary school and go home to her house for lunch. We’d always have a green salad with Wish Bone Italian Dressing on it. Then we’d ride back to school with no hands while stuffing our mouths with soda crackers and then blow them out into the wind! The new next door neighbor kid, Mike, was a cutie and we lost no time tormenting him. They say guys love that kind of attention, is that true? Hard to tell since he completely ignored us. We’d sit in my tree house waiting for him to come out the back door just for a glimpse. Pitiful…And we’d throw oranges into his backyard; just to be obnoxious I guess. We’d also play our “spy” game in the bushes, writing notes and shooting them back and forth to each other in special “spy” pens. Dana was Honey West (after the TV show!) and I was Sugar East. We were the “Girl From UNCLE” wanna-bes. Good grief…My favorite though, was hunkering down in my parents’ Rambler station wagon while playing London cabbie. This was during the “mod” years and we had our black patent leather caps on and white go-go boots, talking in British accents and reviewing our list of mod slang words like “luv” and I can’t even remember what else. We even set up DJ’s Mod Shop in my bedroom and spent countless hours playing with our clothes. Dana is still a great friend and I thank her for those silly times. We were geeky but we had fun!
PS-Now we’re really cool…

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