My Dad

My dad (Mitch) was an artist and a college professor with a great wit.  I never heard him say a negative word about anyone, ever.  He loved classical music and on Saturday mornings as my sisters and I were trying to sleep in, he’d crank up an opera on the record player and run around the house opening doors, yelling “get up, get up!” and just generally being goofy.  We’d pretend disdain but actually, we loved it.  Who couldn’t smile at that?  What a lot of fun he was and I am forever grateful for the buoyancy he instilled in my life. Positive energy is infectious and I believe it’s up to all of us to help spread smiles.  Sounds simple enough but our world cannot have too much laughter or too much positive influence for my taste.  Color outside the lines sometimes….it’s fun!




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  1. Katie says:

    I was just reminiscing also! Dancing in the kitchen, playing football, trips to the orange groves, ‘O Solo Mio’,and his great smile!

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