Bella & Boo

When the weather turns warm enough in spring, I like to put our box turtle, Boo, outside in his “day pen” as I call it.  A plastic milk crate turned upside down works well and I put a little plastic tray in the grass filled with water.  He loves to stretch his neck out and soak up the rays.  He also loves getting his shell wet and never ceases trying to escape.  At the end of the day, I let him loose for a time but keep a watchful eye.  He trucks across the yard (that turtle can move!) headed for the woods but of course, I always pluck him up before he can disappear, take him back to square one and let him go again.  Recently, our little Jack Russell, Bella, discovered Boo.  Happily, she was on the other side of the picket fence but when she spied this new “creature” cruising past her, she about came unglued.  Hopping up and down on all four’s like a wind-up toy, mashing her face through the slats in the fence so her little eyes were all slanted back and not barking exactly but making sounds more like strangled yelps of frenzy.  I was laughing so hard I cried, I love torturing her….I love torturing her because she’s a nightmare of a dog who kills anything in sight!  Our Boo already has a small chunk missing from his shell from another dog attack before we got him.  But he seemed to not even notice her, just having too much fun in the sun.  You go Boo!

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