Shall we Share?

Why is it those grade school lessons about sharing and giving never seem to completely sink in?  Just last week I received what seemed like another appeal mailer, asking for my help for a local charity.  Do they think I’m made of money?  I found myself grumbling.  Well, no, I’m not made of money and charities surely know that in these tough times.  However, with a roof over my head and food on the table, I’m luckier than many.  In some ways, our book about Ogilvy the Pig, deals with being generous and giving and what happens when we get selfish; about our talents, what others have and what we think we deserve.

I’ve made up three rules to help guide me in giving to charities and other worthy causes and at least stop justateenytinybit my seemingly hard-wired instinct to be selfish:

1. Is this the best way to do the most good?

2. Is this a cause I believe in?

3. Are there other ways I can give and make a difference?

What about you? How do you give to others? And, like me, how do you feel about sharing that last bite of chocolate? May we all give wisely and well!


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