Last year, in early spring, my husband Harley called me at work to tell me we had several wild turkeys wandering around our yard.  After a few days, one hen in particular decided to stay making herself quite at home in some bushes out front, which was fine with us.  Harley named her Butterball.  She’d cruise around the property & drive Bella nuts (our little Jack Russell Terrier whom we have nicknamed the White Tornado).  A month later, amazingly enough, she made a nest & laid 14 eggs!  We had no idea what would happen but just let her do her thing & one day, Harley surprised her in the orchard where she jumped up & 8 little balls of fuzz came running out from under her wings.  They hung around for a few weeks until one day I saw a huge bird swoop down at her & the babies & Butterball ran after it with wings & neck outstretched, squawking up a storm!  Right after that, she took her brood through the fence, down into the woods and we never saw her again.  She gave us 2 months of fun & adventure but we miss her.  Bye Bye Butterball….

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