A Top-Rated Children’s Book

Have you ever wished you were a little less like you, and a little more like someone else?

Then the Amazon Five-Star rated story, “Ogilvy, the Pig Who Whistled,” was written for you. This children’s book has earned kudos for its whimsical tale and important message:  Ogilvy the Pig childrens books moms dads grownups

There’s nothing better than being you.  So be the very best you can be.

Ogilvy the Pig is an endearing farm animal with a desire to be somebody different from who he was born to be.

He has the finest snout on the farm, but he only wants to whistle just like his feathered farmyard pals.  In his quest to be like Merribelle the Sparrow, Gandersleeves the Goose, and Mr. Slybeaks the Crow, he encounters adventures and mischief, before he realizes just how great it is to be him.

In this era of peer pressure, young children and grownups alike can feel a little insecure sometimes.  Through its farm setting and little-pig perspective, this story tackles this topic in a whimsical way.  Truly, Ogilvy and his barnyard buddies remind us all there’s nothing better than being yourself.

Charmingly illustrated by international artist Stefano Trainito, the pictures engage and entertain while sharing important life lessons, as seen from the eyes of endearing farm animals.

Designed to be read aloud, this children’s reader for ages 4-8 is sure to a cherished story tradition for the family, and fond memories for the children as they grow up to be the best they can be!

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